Performancing Ad Network Now Open to Bloggers!

performancing_logo.jpgWe got an email last night informing us that Performancings Ad Network was now open to all of us bloggers! Performancing has created a brand new ad network that should give the folks over at BlogAds a run for their money. If you arent familiar with Performancing, they are already doing lots for the blogging community. Their Performancing Metrics are a great stat tool for bloggers and some of the brilliance behind Text Link Ads is also the brains behind Performancing.

The ad network seems easier to navigate than blogads already. Ive used blogads for over a year now and have found that even with the recent upgrade to 3.0 it is quite cumbersome to deal with. I was able to set up my Performancing Ad account in about 2 minutes and with minimal headache. They give you the option for pricing to either have it calculated by them based on your page views or you can set a price yourself. If you choose the auto pricing option, it should populate the price in 48 hours, though I found it to be less than 24. Im testing things out on our Music blog, Each Note Secure to see what happens. Some more details on the pricing can be found here. Darren over at ProBlogger has a great review of the news. We will keep an eye on things and let you know how this new ad network stacks up to the competition!