Blogging in the News

As bloggers slowly break down the gate that is traditional journalism, the traditional press is noticing, more and more. Here are a couple instances in the news today.

  • Herts and Essex Online (UK) brings us a story titled, Lawyer: Why We All Need A Blog

    “There is a potential contradiction between the informality of blogging and the need for a business to maintain its brand identity, but it is possible to maintain it in such a way that it is informal and still professional and in keeping with the business,” said Mr Patten.Research into business blogs has found that employees are twice as likely to write positive rather than negative comments about their business.”

  • The American Chronicle tackles a debate already touched upon amongst bloggers, “Blogging for Cash – Ethical?”
  • “Blogging is a form of journalism, expressing views and ideas upon the best judgment derived from available information. Come on, even the writers, reporters, priests get paid, why not bloggers? They are better than traditional writers, in the sense that, community gets involved.”

  • Marketing Shift, a blog itself, has a great story titled, “How Blogs Changed the World

    “Blogs provide a filter that focuses on interests. If your interest is in Internet technology, shoes, or biodiesel, there”s a blog for you, saving time scouring the universe.”