Linkbait for Monday Nov 20

linkbait.gifHere are some of the top stories floating around the blogosphere on this Monday.

~ MyBlogLog, a metrics/ social networking site is reportedly close to the final stages of being sold to Yahoo. Tech Crunch and ProBlogger report.

~ Spike The Vote, a website set up to cheat the Digg system by giving users points to Digg specific articles, and allowing those users to trade in their points for Digg to their own stories, may have had a short life. Ive followed the progress of the site and it began to send out “assignments” late last week. The assignments soon stopped and now Ive gotten an email saying the site is for sale on Ebay.

As you can see, there has been one bidder for 1,000$ so far, Ill watch the progress of this auction. Especially since Marketing Shift is reporting that being a part of Spike The Vote will get you banned from Digg.

~ The Blog Herald has a good post discussing all the legal battles that are current in the blogosphere, one of the most interesting is one involving a lawsuit against social networking beast MySpace by Universal for Copyright infringement.

~ And in more blogging business news, Computer World has an interesting piece that analyzes the ROI of business blogging. Here is a quote from the article.

We will have interviewed nine Fortune 1,000 firms that have external blogs. These include a mix of some traditional consumer-facing firms, some technology companies and some traditional B2B firms. We’re using Forrester’s Total Economic Impact model to help measure the impact of technology investments, and we have done interviews with five thought leaders — analysts, consultants and strategists in the blogging space.