Blogging about Blogging – My Top 5 Reads


Here at the Content Quake Network we are big fans of the bloggers that have paved the way for us. Writers that have written about the hows and whys of having a successful blog and sharing that information with the masses. Here are my Top 5 reads from Bloggers whos main topic is the Blogosphere and what is going on within it.

1. Pro Blogger – Darren is the king of blogging. Thats right, Im proclaiming him king of the blogosphere. Ive gotten so much motivation and ideas from the posts on ProBlogger that have led to a wealth of knowledge. Darren seems to write in a very personal and straightforward way which draws the reader into his comfortable space. His post, “18 Lessons Ive Learnt As a Blogger” is a must read for all bloggers.

2. Copy Blogger – Many bloggers decide to enter the blogosphere with little to no journalistic experience. When a blogger wants to step out of the “i brushed my teeth today” type of posting and into the type of blogging in which you are “reporting”, you visit Copy Blogger. The definitive source for copywriting amongst blogs. The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Links is a great post to start with.s

3. Top Rank Blog – TRB is a SEO (search engine optimization) blog. But the great thing about the SEO community is that they see the value of blogs and blogging and provide great tips when it comes to optimizing your blog and the best tools to use.

4. Seth Godins Blog – One of the most known blogs around, Seth Godin manages to perfect the art of simplicity. His posts are short, simple and profound all at once. Those looking for inspiration and motivation in their blogging should make this a daily read. Seths post yesterday about “How to Write a Blog Post” is a great example.

5. Pro Net Advertising – Pro Net is a professional looking, news oriented blog that has given me some amazing resources in the blogopshere. The 50 Favorite Blogging Resources post is a must read.