The State of the Feedosphere

If you head over to Feedburners blog today you will get a great detailed post if you are a geek in relation to your blogs RSS Feed stats. Feedburner gives a very detailed look at how the new Google Reader reports are affecting numbers, a graph showing how each RSS Reader application reports to Feedburner and my favorite, Audience Engagement Analysis. There is a graph for both clicks (picture to the right) and views. See this quote about that to get a better idea of what Audience Engagement Analysis is.

Because FeedBurner offers insight about item views and clicks, our publishers can get a better sense of their audience engagement level. Are people reading the posts? Are they clicking back to the site? What is the content’s gravitational pull on the audience? Looking at engagement across the top web-based aggregators, several top readers are driving the lion’s share of clicks and views back to our publishers’ content.

Overall another reason why Feedburner is the RSS Feed king, seriously, if you are using any other service for your RSS feed, um, why? For a great analysis of the analysis, head over to Tech Crunch.

Google Hearts Feedburner

Many bloggers that use Feedburner for their RSS reader statistics had a pleasant surprise over the weekend. A spike in readers! Many didnt know why and probably patted themselves on the back a few times thinking that people had finally wised up and subscribed to their feeds. Turns out Google Reader and Feedburner are working together again. For some time you couldnt see the Google Reader subscribers when looking at your overall feed stats from Feedburner.feedburn.gif

That all changed this weekend with this announcement from the Feedburner blog. Google also reported the lovefest at their Google Reader blog. This has also prompted me to personally move my RSS Reader to Google, and consolidate some old subscriptions I had with my previous choice of almost three years, Bloglines. No offense Bloglines, but Google has it going in all the areas im looking for now. Visually, functionality and now full stat reporting. If you havent checked out the Google Reader yet, do so here.