The 3 Best Blogging Platforms and Sites for 2021

Bloggers have been increasing in number over the past few years, especially after the scope for working over the huge networks broadened. Creating a blog has become a fairly easy task these days, but making it successful would require a lot more effort. When you want to improve your working standards with the blogs you create, make sure to use tactics that would help hone your skills. But not everyone succeeds at building their blog into a popular one because the talent required to do so would mean more than just the ability to handle the technical details of the site. When creating your blogs, the first option is to build a website and host your blog.

Although this is an old-school way to build a blog, you can use it when you are starting out. Wix can be used to build your website since it provides the easiest blogging structure, or you could also host your blogs using WordPress along with Bluehost. Your own blog sites can also be built using other platforms such as Squarespace, LinkedIn, or Medium. Such blogging platforms must be used to improve your opportunities to create content. Let us look at some of the best blogging platforms that can help you reach out to millions of readers.

1.      Wix


Beginners will find it easy to blog using Wix because it offers the simplest methods to create new blogs in a few minutes. A step-by-step breakdown of blogging on Wix is given in detail on the platform to help the bloggers do the tasks faster. Plenty of templates are also available to pick from for your type of blog. The drag-and-drop editor on this site helps you customize any web page without coding knowledge. ADI builders are also available here to improve the overall structure of the blog you started. Analytics and SEO are built right in for the blog manager to be simpler and more intuitive. Basic features such as likes, social tools, hashtags, subscriber forms, and categories can also be incorporated into your blog.

2.      WordPress with Bluehost Hosting

This is the most customizable blog platform since it combines the features of WordPress and Bluehost. Most bloggers should be aware of WordPress, a popular website builder that allows you to create all kinds of blogs you want. All the tools and plugins required to customize the platform are provided according to your specifications. Once you have bought a domain, hosted the website, and set up the WordPress account, posting your blog would only involve a few steps of simple work. When you are making a WordPress site, make sure to do it with Bluehost.

3.      Squarespace

When you want to make money with your blog, you will need platforms such as Squarespace. This will help your blog act as an extension to other eCommerce sites. Integrations on these platforms will properly showcase your products to have all the captivating features of the website on point.